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Outland Construction is a woman owned general contractor that provides your project with the attention to detail that your project deserves.

We are a result of a beautiful family business, long hours, hard work, and great relationships built with a team of trades that allow us to have the reputation that we have today.

Established in 1983, Outland's clarity and transparency while doing business sets us apart from other builders. Conducting our business in this manner allows us to develop trusting and lasting relationships with our clients.

Outland offers a level of construction expertise and customer service that is seldom seen in this industry. Where other builders often say no to certain features or requests, Outland will always find a way. Our measured success is based on our clients’ satisfaction and corresponding referrals.




We believe honesty and strong moral character are essential to building relationships.


Our clients and associates are hand selected for an accurate fit. Everyone we work with has respect for each other and for their work .


Construction is a collaborative sport. We are committed to making sure everyone is on the same team for our client and their goals.


We are problem solvers and are transparent about potential project complications and corrective measures.


Being a builder that does things responsibly at all levels of the project is a cornerstone value in our company.


The most important value of them all in construction. We offer our clients pricing options to ensure they feel they can trust our services, pricing, and performance.