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Turning Your Ideas Into an Action Plan

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ON-SITE PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONSULT                                        Price $799 

Do you have ideas about what you want to see in your home but aren't sure how long it might take or if it's realistic within your space and budget?  Do you need someone to give you advice to determine if your ideas will work without the pressure of a contract after the discussions?

We can help you with that.

Schedule a 1 hour on-site consultation with Outland and we will discuss your home's potential and all that can be done to turn your home into your dream space.

Service Includes:

  • 1 hour site visit.

  • Discussions about: what is possible, what your needs are, what your wants are.

  • Identifying your priority list.

  • Project Evaluation.

  • Phase Evaluation - Need to break the project into chunks? We can help you decide how to structure these phases.

  • Rough Estimate Range - We can provide you a rough estimate based on the project discussed so you can budget for your project.

  • Selections Help - We will point in the direction of showrooms and websites to help you select items that drive pricing, as well as provide allowances for items to help you stay within budget.

  • We will set your construction expectations. Do you need to move out? How long “should” a project this size take to complete? How long after a signed contract will the project begin? We will answer your questions so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.


FLOORPLAN DRAWINGS               Price Base Fee by SQFT plus $50/hour for Revisions

We can create a floor plan of your remodeled space so that you can see how your ideas will work within your space. These drawings will provide a powerful communication and pricing tool to use with contractors. We are not architects, but these floorplans are needed for effective communication for your project. If your project requires a licensed architect and engineer, we will advise you appropriately.

3D VISUAL                                          Price Base Fee by SQFT plus $50/hour for Revisions

Are you a visual person? Does planning a project with just a bird’s eye view overwhelm you? We can provide you a 3D Visual so that you can see the space you are designing.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION INVESTIGATION                                    Price Based on Project Scope  

THIS SERVICE CAN SAVE YOU THOUSANDS. Unfortunately, most clients do not have the architectural plans for a home they have purchased, which can make remodeling more challenging to price and execute. Depending on your project scope, we will coordinate with plumbing, electrical, and engineering professionals to come evaluate your existing conditions to help identify the most affordable route and plan of action to create the space you desire to have. This service will provide you with critical money saving information to pass onto your architect or designer.

CONSTRUCTION BID                      Price Based on Project Scope

If you would like to know the exact cost for each line item in a construction bid without going into a contract with a builder, you can buy this service and have take off's, quantities for materials, and industry pricing so that you can take this information to shop around to ensure you are not being overcharged or to negotiate for better pricing with another builder, or you can use this information in the sale of a property that may need remodeling work that you do not actually want to complete yourself. Whatever the reason this package is a valuable tool for you to have!


*This service in included for free with clients who sign a cost-plus construction contract with Outland.

DIY PROJECT PACKAGE                 Price Based on Project Scope

If you are the BRAVE client who has the time and energy to manage the project yourself by becoming the General Contractor's and Project Manager, you can hire us to create a custom construction binder full of drawings, details, specs, schedules and more. We will also provide you with an incredibly valuable list of qualified contractors to work with you on your project.

Package Includes:

  • Project Scope List by Trade

  • Associated Qualified Trade List

  • Project Schedule

  • Specs for materials


*Outland recommends adding drawing and pre-construction investigation services for best results. We are not architects. We provide basic drawings for communication purposes. If your project requires an architect or engineer, we will recommend our trusted partners to you.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT               Price $250/hr

Whether you have concerns about an existing contractor you are currently working with, or you purchased the DIY Project Package by Outland - you can bring one of our managers on-site to evaluate progress, quality, vendor relations, create solutions to problems and more. This information can equip you with information on how to advise your current trades or builder. Reports concerning our findings at our on-site investigation can be provided as well if requested. 


*Outland is not an architect, engineer or licensed inspector. If an architect or engineer is required for your project scope, we will help guide you to the right person.

**Outland’s team members do work with attorneys in the area to provide expert construction witness services to help in legal matters through our sister company AAQ Consulting LLC.

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