“We partnered with Outland Construction on a retail space in the Domain shopping center. What attracted us to Outland Construction was their proven experience in the construction industry. Jessica and her team were such a pleasure to work with. Construction projects can be very stressful, but the Outland team delivered before, during, and after the project. Our project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. You can’t ask for much more than that! We would definitely partner with Outland Construction in the future.”
- Chris Murphy, Maximum FX Salon


“Tom and Jessica Luth and their team did a great job for a client of mine on a home of unusual construction – a hybrid between insulated attic and insulation at ceiling – and with Geothermal heat pump, many “green” details that were out of the ordinary and LOTS of custom details inside the home. They were patient, communicated well with the client, extremely responsive to both client and myself, READ the plans and coordinated well on anything that required coordination. The home is beautiful and the clients are very happy with the final product. ”
- Janet Hobbs, Architect


It is crucial to recognize that building a high-quality home takes time, talent, good communication, and effective supervision during construction. The father and daughter team at Outland Construction stayed with us step by step…during 16 months of rigorous planning and 11 months of construction. Our goal was to build a high-performance home, and Outland Construction met our goal.  We are very happy with Outland’s performance—from working effectively with our community architectural control board, to the City of Lakeway, to Water District 17, to our architect, to the carefully chosen subcontractors, and to us. Outland demonstrated their commitment early on by requiring the concrete subcontractor to tear down the concrete forms because they were off by half an inch.  In our hot and humid climate, mechanical cooling is typically the largest energy user in a home. Thanks to Outland and their team, our average monthly electric bill was $66.51 (543 kWh) for just over 2,800 square feet! Notable too is the duct leakage test…where the technician thought there was something wrong with his instrument since duct leakage was so minimal!  We highly recommend our friends at Outland Construction!!”

- Doug and Brooke Hutter, Client


“Over the past three and a half years I have worked with Tom and his team on at least a half dozen projects which we designed and he and his company executed. Tom and his crews always gave us work of the highest craftsmanship and took great care in building the work as it was drawn and specified. His background in architecture coupled with his day-to-day experience in construction is invaluable and I often find myself consulting with him during the design of a project to benefit from his experience. I feel Tom is a very honest businessman and is very pleasant to work with. He has an exceptional “can-do” attitude and a very contagious optimism that makes me proud to associate with him. I highly recommend Tom and Outland Construction for any projects that you may be considering undertaking.”
- Britt Medford, AIA, Architect


“From the onset you treated my home as if it were your own. Your design contributions and your adherence to detail in my opinion have made a significant difference. A difference, I might add, that would not have been demonstrated by just any builder. It is my true belief that you minimized the costs on the entire undertaking as much as possible and for that I am grateful. I appreciate your honesty and integrity. It was a pleasure to work with you. I can say that there never was a moment that I did not trust you or think that you were taking advantage of me. I am very pleased with my beautiful new home and I would recommend you highly.”
- Allen Laughlin, Client


“I just want to drop you a note of appreciation for the superb job you did in building our house. In all honesty, I’ve never known or worked with a builder who took such personal interest in seeing that the job was done right and done to our liking. I think it is unusual, that after a construction project is complete, that the two parties, builder, and buyer, can actually become friends. It is nice to have you as a builder and as a friend.”
- Mark Veltri, Client


“From one businessman to another, I would like to congratulate you on your fine performance on my home. From the very beginning, you treated my home as it if were your own. Your design concepts and attention to detail has given me a house that I can be proud of. I appreciate your honesty and integrity and indeed it was a pleasure to work with you. I am very pleased with my beautiful new home and I would recommend you highly.”
- Frank E. Robinson, M.D., Client


“Your job supervision was very professional. I appreciate your attention to detail, your foresight, your attentiveness to your schedule which accomplished meeting our opening deadline, and I also appreciate the way you handled the subcontractors and vendors so that everyone worked so well together.”
- Curtis W. Baker, D.M.D, Restaurant Client


“Your enthusiasm, professionalism, and service-orientation made working with you and your crew a pleasure. But even more important, and even more impressive, was the quality and timeliness of your work. You managed, as promised, to complete construction within 75 days. This was the fastest completion schedule in the company’s history. I was very pleased with the way you followed up on the many small problems that invariably follow the completion of construction. While most contractors are eager to move on to the next job, and end up forgetting post-construction details, your continuing diligence was very much appreciated. What can I say? Your prices were competitive, your attitude was terrific, and the restaurant was finished early.”
- James A. Eliasberg, Senior VP, Taco Cabana


“It was a rare privilege to work with such a capable and honest contractor. During the course of our Robertson Elementary Renovation your company and personnel worked in professional and timely manner which expedited the project to a successful completion within the budget.”
- Edward K. Roe, Round Rock ISD


“Some of the many fine assets we have learned about the entire staff at Outland Construction in the past four years are: honesty, sincerity, concern for the clients wants and needs, cost efficient, knowledge in marketing and design, able to meet the strictest deadlines, hardworking, good maintenance follow-up, and last but not least, extreme pride in their finished product. We feel we now have our own personal construction company, one that can handle our growth and needs, wherever that might be.”
- Michael and Sheree Jones, Clients


“The people from Taco John’s Corporate say this is definitely one of the best stores they’ve opened and yet they still can’t believe we opened it as fast as we did. I truly appreciate you taking the opening date as seriously as I did, without your company’s continuous efforts we would have never met our deadlines. I was highly skeptical about proceeding with a cost plus contract, but it wasn’t very long into the job that I discovered that your concern for keeping the costs to a minimum was every bit as conservative as I would have been. I appreciate the fact that you always looked after my best interests throughout the project.”
- Wayne Jarvi, Restaurant Client


“I would like to commend you and Outland Construction, Inc. for the quality of a “finished product”. Your attention to details, the handling of schedules, and job supervision is appreciated. Your efforts resulted in our meeting an opening deadline. I personally look forward to working with you again.”
- James Connelly, Restaurant Client


“I would like to congratulate you on your fine performance on my store. Without a doubt, my opening deadline was of the utmost importance to me and I appreciate all your extra attention to help me achieve my goal. Your charts that scheduled everyone for their duties was very impressive, and their attention to neatness through the duration of build-out was appreciated. I have a very fine looking retail store that allows me to display my inventory beautifully. The cabinets are very nicely done and the quality, in general, is perfect! But best of all, your bottom line price fell beneath my allotted budget and I thank you for your constant job supervision that allowed this cost savings to occur.”
- Pam Teich Alvarado, VP Lammes Candies, Client


” I’ve known Tom since August 1987. His company did the construction of two or our Shoney’s Restaurants. One located in Zanesville, Ohio and the other located in Marietta, Ohio. Each restaurant was completed on time, and our opening days were successful. I would certainly recommend him for his good workmanship and excellent cooperation.”
- Richard Chambers, Division Director, Shoney’s

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